Entsyymi ALDC 1kg
Entsyymi ALDC 1kg
Entsyymi ALDC 25kg
Entsyymi ALDC 25kg
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Bypass the formation of diacetyl by using ALDC. A simple addition makes it possible to consistently control a troublesome area of brewing and so, consistently prevent one of the most common flavour complaints. Diacetyl is expensive to measure and control, so by bypassing its formation altogether has become very popular with brewers, especially those brewing lagers and dry-hopped pale ales.

ALDC (Alpha Acetolactate Decarboxylase) is an enzyme that reduces maturation times, increase efficiencies and increases production capacity.

ALDC is produced from a submerged culture of Bacillus subtilis.

ALDC causes the direct decarboxylation of alpha acetolactate to acetoin, thus avoids the production of Diacetyl.


  • Reduces Diacetyl production
  • Significantly reduces maturation times
  • More efficient vessel utilisation
  • Improves beer quality

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